Eligibility To Participate

Must be a current member of the Miamisburg Merchants Association with membership dues paid in full.

Time Period of Discount or Offer

Must identify the time period of the discount/offer.


Must complete, in detail, and sign a Miamisburg Merchants Association Member Discount Program Participation Form Below, then submit it to the MMA President for the MMA board consideration, approval, and inclusion.

*Note Discount Program participants and discount/offers will be updated quarterly by the secretary.

Honoring the Discount or Offer

Person eligible to receive the discount must present a valid MMA Membership Card for the current year which bears their name. Discount or offer is valid only for the person named on the card.

Member Discount Program Participation Form

Please login above. You need to be a member of the MMA to submit discounts. If you do not have a user account with this website, please fill out the contact form or contact the MMA President.